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Virtual Data Center

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VPS Servers

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Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

Our cloud storage system, based on the famous OwnCloud software, allows you to store your documents or backups on our secure cloud based systems.
This means, you can access all your files at anytime from any internet ready computer or mobile device.

Each client is given a user name and password and a link to where to download the syncing software from.

Your files are stored on our secured SAN's and have no direct connection to the internet. All servers are locked down before being deployed by our experienced technicians who have a long term history of hardening servers and system security.

CLD Store 1
  • 1GB Space, FREE
$0.00 p/m
CLD Store 25
  • 25GB Space
$3.00 p/m
CLD Store 50
  • 50GB Space
$8.00 p/m
CLD Store 100
  • 100GB Space
$12.00 p/m